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9 Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

1. Decide the details to include in the business card.

Company’s name, email address, website, mobile number, logo, fax number are the details that should be included in your business card. You must be wondering how come all this information can get fixed in a tiny business card. That’s why it is important to decide the information that needs to be printed on the business card so that your designer does not suffer with space issues.

Tips for Designing Professional Business Cards

2. Easy to Read

Do not reduce the font size to make room for more details. It may be readable online but it could be difficult to read after printing. Choose the font style which is easy to read at the first glance, avoid using fonts of not less than 8pt.

3. Pour your creativity to create a Business card

It’s good to follow some design rules when you create a business card but use your creativity too. It is advisable to go through some inspirational designs and bring out your own creativity and uniquely deliver the contact info that attracts the target audience base.

4. Choose the right design to create a business card

Generally, business cards are not overloaded with bright and funky colors. They are simple and plain. Bright color gives a touch of freshness but too many colors in a business card do not look professional. Plain card style is most preferred for sophisticated high-end businesses. Choose the color combination that depicts your brand identity.

Designing Professional Business Cards

5. Use 3 D Effect

A 3D effect adds style and elegance, gives a unique look and feel to business cards. Create professional business cards to leave a long-lasting impression on your visitor’s minds and help them to recall your business.

6. Make the use of impressive visuals

The one side of the card displays the company’s primary contact information in the form of text. The other side of the business cards can be used to put impressive visuals that speak about business.

7. Pay attention to your Logo

A company’s website and logo are the two first things that represent a business. The company’s logo should be given a prominent place in the business card design. The logo should be clearly visible to the client, it should not be surrounded by unnecessary text or colors.

8. Take care of Paper thickness

A thicker card is considered an expensive card by most people. In fact, a thick card speaks about business professionalism. It is advisable to print your business card on thick paper to create a positive impression in the client’s minds.

9. Print Business cards in a professional way

Are you thinking of printing your business cards at home? If you are not a trained printer and want to print it on your own, remember that an unprofessional business cards may not leave a good impression. Contact a professional full-service print and sign company like 365 Print and Signs to get your professional business card printed.