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Ultimate guide on Different Types of Envelopes

Choosing the right envelope is important! There are different types of envelopes available. It’s important to choose the right envelope style and envelope size that suits the purpose as choosing the right envelope style ensures content safety and makes the package look professional. Many companies hesitate in accepting packages with unmatched envelope style. The right content packed with shoddy and wrong- sized envelopes might get your package thrown in the trash. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type of envelopes.
In this blog post, we have explained the 10 different types of envelopes along with their usage which will help you to make the right decision.

10 Different types of Envelopes you should know about

types of envelopes

1. Airmail Envelopes

Airmail Envelopes are used to send important mails overseas. Such mails are delivered quickly as they are transported via aircraft. A lot of people use this mode of communication as this is relatively faster than surface mail. Airmail envelopes are designed with a specific pattern for sending mails abroad.

2. Disc Envelopes

Disc envelopes are a perfect choice for packing CDs or DVDs. The standard-sized Disc Envelopes can accommodate the disc properly. These envelopes have a transparent plastic covered small cut hole on the front side of the envelope enabling one to see the CD within.

3. Square Envelopes

The name says it all! These envelopes are exactly square in size and this type of envelope style is more popular for sending invitations for parties and social events. These envelopes have special flaps that are used to seal the envelope. This envelope style is also used to parcel small delicate items and they have padding inside to hold the item.

4. Announcement Envelopes

This envelope style is used for sending informal invitations, brochures, greeting cards, and small booklets. Announcement envelopes come in numerous colors and designs. Also, they can be customized and decorated with different textures and colorful inks as per the user requirements.

different types of Envelopes

5. Banker Envelopes

They are the most commonly used envelope styles. Banker Envelopes have triangular flaps used for interoffice communication, personal letters, and in the greeting card industry or, for personal letters. You may find the Banker envelope in any stationery store. This envelope style comes in all colors and different sizes. For office use, white color is generally used and other colors are used for greeting cards and invitations.

6. Wallet Envelopes

Wallet envelopes resemble a wallet design and are generally used in automatic mailing machines. This envelope style is generally used to send direct mails and other forms of correspondence.

7. Pocket Envelopes

This envelope style is usually smaller in size. There are different types of Pocket Envelopes, the smaller ones may look like Banker envelopes, and the long envelopes with opening flaps placed on the short edge give enough space for the papers inside. This envelope style can be used to store passports, photos, traveler’s checks, and coupons.

8. Window Envelopes

This envelope style is used for mailing checks, bills, and official purposes. The window envelope has a cut hole in the front side of the envelope allowing the recipient to see the paper within. Generally, there is a single window, however, in a few cases, there are two windows too. The paper within is organized in a manner that eradicates the need to write addresses. Window envelopes are widely used because they are environmentally friendly.

9. Booklet Envelopes

Booklet envelopes are used to send statements, brochures, photos, or booklets, and more which can be inserted without folding it. This envelope style comes in different sizes and the color varies as per the envelope purpose. A flap is used to seal the booklet envelope.

10. Catalog Envelopes

This envelope style is used for mailing, storing insurance policies, reports, resumes, magazines, and more that is generally not folded. This envelope style opens like a normal book allowing a full view of the documents kept inside.

Final Say!

The different types of envelopes are explained above. Be it personal or official, there is a continuous need to send out documents and invites. That’s why it is good to know the different types of envelopes and envelope styles and what purpose they serve. Looking for the right envelope style?

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