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The Best Guide for your Brochure Printing Canada

Are your looking to start a new business or informing your loyal customers about a new product or service, trying to reach new customers in a new are? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are most likely going to use brochures to do so. When it comes to a brochure, its all about the design. A great design will compel your audience to read all about what you’re doing. A less-than-stellar design will end you in the trash can. When you talk about Brochure paper, you’re really talking about two things: paper weight and finish for your Brochure Printing Services Canada. Let’s discuss them individually.

Paper weight

Typically there are two types available in paper weight. These are paper stock and card stock – let’s differentiate the two.

  • Paper Stock

Paper stocks are usually thinner than card stocks and use pound (lb.) as a way of identifying paper thickness. The bigger its value, the thicker the paper. Therefore for example we can say that a 100lb. paper would be thicker than a 70lb. paper. Paper stock is lighter to carry (if you are handing out your brochures personally). It is lightweight and easier to fold. Other than this it is easier to mail via envelopes.

Brochure printing Canada

  • Card Stock

If we talk about card stocks, they are thicker than paper stocks and use point (pt.) as a unit of measurement. Likewise the paper stock, the higher the value, the thicker the card. Durable and higher quality. It can also be mailed without envelopes. They can stand upright on a surface to be displayed. They would not develop crease lines.

Paper Finish

The paper finish and paper coating refer to the same thing. If you use different finishes they have different effects on your brochure. During you researches of finishing options, you must have seen the below three options:


Contrary to what some people think, matte-coated products will still shine. What matte coating does is limit the amount of gloss reflected in Brochure printing Canada. It’s the middle ground between the three options.


The next is the uncoated option that will leave your brochure without any shine. However this option you can use if it’s imperative that your brochures are writeable. Writing can be difficult (if not impossible) after brochure are coated.


Though glass coating, brochures look clean and professional. There is a downside to that though, due to the coating, it’s likely to show fingerprint marks or dust when handled. However it’s something worth considering.


The colors that you use can greatly from their appearance on your computer screen to the printed page. Purchasing a printed color chart for CMYK and light colors will help you know exactly the color tone you will get in your brochure. If not than calibrate your design with your monitor using software available online.


If you use a template then it will insure that you design on the correct size and will also help with bleed specifications. You can check with your printing company to see if they offer templates as this will make your printing process smoother and prevent important text and images from getting out.
With the help of the above stated points you can easily create the best Brochures. If you are searching for printing in Canada then you can easily opt for these options and then you can get the best out of your business and deal with great profits.